Scientific and Industrial Advisors

OccamzRazor is proud to draw on the experience and expertise of some of the sharpest minds in both medical science and AI.
Our advisors are leaders in all aspects of our business and support us with key insight.


Randy Schekman, PhD

Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine; Chair of the billion dollar ASAP committee to fund better fundamental Parkinson’s research in academia

Jeff Dean

Renowned computer and ML researcher; Chief of Google AI; Founder and lead of Google Brain 

Prof. Ed Boyden, PhD

Renowned Neuroscience Professor at MIT Media Lab; Winner Breakthrough Prize

Alexander Levy

Co-founder of AI drug-discovery company Atomwise

Phil Libin

Co-founder & former long-term CEO of Evernote,
CEO at AI firm All Turtles


Carrolee Barlow, MD, PhD

Renowned Parkinson’s expert;
CEO Parkinson’s Institute & Clinical Center

Milind Kamkolkar

CDO Sanofi; previous Global Head of Data Science Novartis

Tom Glocer, JD

Former long-term CEO of Thompson Reuters

Nicole Shanahan, JD

Patent attorney and CEO of ClearAccessIP

Danny Moses

Wall Street insider and investor

Prof. Agnieszka Czechowicz, MD, PhD

Co-founded 6 Biotech companies, including Editas;
VC at Google Ventures